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Home Ownership How to Make the Most of Your Home Equity Home equity is a powerful thing. As you pay off your mortgage, your equity — or the stake in the home you actually own — increases. And the more equity you build, the more you stand to gain when you sell. But even if you aren’t planning to sell your property, equity can be used […]
Home Ownership 3 Big Housing Decisions You May Face Housing decisions are never small. Where you choose to live impacts your budget, your job prospects and your social life. And in the future, your home plays a major role in what your retirement might look like (financially and logistically). For these reasons, housing decisions require plenty of careful consideration. Want to be prepared to […]
Home Ownership Have you filed for your Property Tax Exemptions? Have you filed for your Property Tax Exemptions? If you purchased a house, changed the deed, or refinanced on your mortgage this year, you should make sure the correct exemptions are filed on your home! The Deadline to file exemptions is December 31st. Below is a summary of the rules for Marion and the surrounding […]
Home Ownership 16 People You Need in Your Homeowner Network So you’re finally a homeowner — congratulations! This is an important step in anyone’s life, and it’s absolutely normal to feel somewhat (or wildly) unprepared for the realities of owning a place of your own. What if there’s an emergency, or what if something breaks? Do you know what to do? Here’s the good news: […]
Home Financing Can You Invest in Real Estate as a Millennial? Millennials who want to invest in real estate have it harder than many other generations. Real estate prices are at record or near-record highs in just about every major market in the country, and even though employment is good, wages still haven’t kept up with the home price increases, making it tougher than ever to […]
Health & Lifestyle 15 Ways You Can Make Your Community Safer In a society where we refer to our homes as our castles, it makes sense that we also want to feel safe and secure in our residences. But as we spend more time inside looking at screens and less time outside making connections with neighbors, it also makes sense that many homeowners today feel less […]
Home Features 33 Ways To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient Not too long ago in our country’s history, talking about making your house “greener” might get you labeled a hippie tree-hugger. But times change, and as gas, electricity, and water prices creep up, more and more homeowners are seeing the (strong) advantages that come with considering the environment when you make decisions about your household. […]
Home Financing Take Advantage Of These Common Homeowner Tax Breaks Being a homeowner definitely has its advantages, and saving money on your taxes each year just might be at the top of the list. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these common tax perks as a homeowner:1) Mortgage interestOne of the most common tax perks, you can deduct mortgage interest for your primary residence, and […]
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Buying 4 Steps to Prepare for Homeownership Buying a home is a big undertaking. From finding the right property and negotiating to sorting out the legal details and moving in, there are dozens of important steps along the way. And for many first-time buyers, it can seem overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier, […]
Buying How To Choose The Right Suburban Neighborhood Buying a home anywhere feels like a huge step, but getting settled in the suburbs can seem especially momentous for any household. After all, traditionally, suburbs were for establishing a place in the community and raising a family, where you can put down roots and grow a life. Where you might plan to stay in […]
Health & Lifestyle Homeownership in Your Golden Years Independent living is often cited as being good for one’s well-being, so it’s no surprise that aging in place has become so popular. Thankfully, many options in today’s housing market make it possible.  Preparing for physical safety and financial security are the most immediate concerns that come to mind as we plan for aging in […]
Home Features Could you use a detached living space? Today’s homeowners and homebuyers love detached living spaces. These small stand-alone structures located on the property come with all sorts of benefits — from added room for storage and recreation to extra income. They’re also easy and affordable to design and install. Starting at around $9,600, this additional square footage can deliver serious bang for […]
Home Maintenance Tips 5 DIYS That You Can Do Many DIY projects are unsuccessful when it comes to adding value to your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not expert craftsmen.  Sure you know how to use a hammer and a saw and have been known to hook a tape measure to your belt, but when it comes to the fine, finishing details, you just don’t have the […]
Home Financing Did You Buy A Home In 2016? Did You File Your Exemptions? Do You Have The Receipts? IMPORTANT INDIANA PROPERTY TAX NOTICE If you bought a home in Indiana in 2016 it is important all your exemptions are filed. You would have received a gold rod sheet detailing what you need to do in your title work package. • If you bought a home in 2016, you most likely filed for your […]
Buying Lugar Team At Century 21 Scheetz: Moving Tips And Discounts Moving from one house to another can be stressful and exciting all at the same time for your clients. Whether your clients elect to move themselves or use a full service moving company, you can help make their move a smoother experience with a few simple moving tips: Pack a first-night box Make a packing […]
Home Financing Don’t Forget To File Your Property Exemptions Did you buy a home this year? Don’t forget to file your Property Exemptions for 2014 before the end of the year. All homestead and mortgage exemptions must be filed no later than December 31st. All the contact information is listed this flyer: Property Exemption Locations You must re-file your exemptions if you : REFINANCE, CHANGE HOW YOU HOLD […]
Buying 7 Steps To Home Ownership Buying a home is a very important decision. Going through the home buying process whether it is for the first time or the second time can be overwhelming. The Lugar Team at Century 21 Scheetz is a boutique real estate team that is client focused. We are experienced Realtor/Broker’s who are here to answer your […]
Home Maintenance Tips Should You Be Alarmed? No! The Lugar Team Has Your Back. While some neighborhoods have a reputation for being safer than others, no home is immune from potential criminal activity.  Often times, the homes that are expected to be safer, are the most vulnerable, which is why protecting your home with a security system may be a wise investment. […]
Home Ownership Real Estate Is An Adventure! Life is an adventure! And home ownership is a key player in that adventure. From the pursuit of buying your first home to the many experiences with family members there, your home is a vital part of that adventure. We feel a great privilege to be able to provide both our professional and personal experience […]