Selling Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal Great curb appeal can make a big difference when selling a home. Not only can it make your property stand out from the competition, but it could also bring in higher offers. An attractive house can also be a benefit even if you’re aren’t planning to sell right now. After all, who doesn’t want to […]
Selling 5 Home Features Buyers Are Looking For The housing market typically slows down in the fall, so if you’re thinking of selling in the near future, it may take a little more effort to stand out from the crowd. Knowing what buyers want and making a few smart updates can help make your home more marketable and improve your selling price. Are […]
Selling How to Prep for a Successful Home Sale Are you thinking about selling your home? Supply is low and demand is high right now, which means many sellers are seeing quick turnarounds and healthy profits. Still, despite the hot market, selling a home isn’t easy. If you want the experience to be as smooth as possible, prepping early and enlisting help are key. […]
Buying 4 Common Questions About Closing Costs If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you’re probably focused on saving as much as you can for the down payment. But don’t forget: You’ll need to cover closing costs, too. To create a realistic homebuying plan, make sure you factor in this additional upfront expense so that you can set yourself up for […]
Selling 4 Projects to Finish Before You Sell Are you ready to make the transition to a new home? Or at least take a few steps to get there? If so, you’ll need to think about selling your current property, and you’re probably hoping to get the best price possible. Renovations can be a great value booster. The right changes appeal to buyers […]
Selling 5 Myths About Selling a Home Right Now Are you curious about the state of the housing market? Like many homeowners, especially potential sellers, you may be hesitant to make a move because there’s a lot of uncertainty and speculation these days.  But you don’t want to let false assumptions keep you from reaching your goals, now or in the future.  Let’s clear […]
Selling Is the highest bid the best bid? An offer on your home moves you one step closer to the finish line in the selling process. And if you’re lucky, you’ll receive multiple offers from a range of bidders.  The highest bid is the obvious choice, right? Not necessarily. Here’s what to consider before moving forward on an offer: Focus on your priorities. Take […]
Buying What to Know About Home Inspections Whether you’re buying or selling a house, getting a home inspection can be nerve-wracking. If you’re selling, you’ll want to make sure there aren’t any hidden issues in the home. And if you’re buying, you’ll want everything to be in great shape so you can move in quickly. But how much do you really know […]
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Buying 5 Ways to Prepare to Buy or Sell Later Summer is usually the perfect time to buy or sell a home. And for some people, it still is. After all, there are few things more welcoming than warm weather and fresh flowers blooming in the front yard. But maybe you’re waiting to enter the market. That’s okay too. There are plenty of ways you […]
Home Features Curb Appeal Upgrades That Can Add Value As a homeowner, you shouldn’t ignore curb appeal. Keep it in great condition, and you’ll likely see high property values and serious marketability when it comes time to sell. Let it slide, and the opposite could happen.  Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, refreshing your home’s exterior can add value or give […]
Buying How Tech Helps You Buy or Sell a Home With much of the country mostly staying home, it’s not your typical spring homebuying season.  You might think social distancing has made it difficult to meet with lenders, view properties and sign paperwork, but fortunately that’s not the case.  In fact, prospective buyers and sellers continue to move forward with their housing needs and doing […]
Selling 3 Reasons to Sell Your Home in Winter You’ve probably been told you should wait for spring or summer to sell your home. That’s when there’s a bigger pool of buyers, and your landscaping and foliage are at the top of their game, right? Well, wait just a minute. There are actually some compelling reasons to go ahead and sell now. Here’s a […]
Selling The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Home Many homeowners will tell you how emotional it was to buy their first home, but you rarely hear about their experience selling it. It’s only natural to grow attached after creating so many wonderful memories, which can make selling a challenging process.  Fortunately, you’re not in it alone. Together, we can simplify the process and […]
Selling 3 Ways an Inspection Helps You Sell Like many homeowners, you might be hoping to capitalize on the hot summer homebuying season to sell your house for a pretty penny. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make enough for the beach house you’ve been eyeing or for a long summer getaway. But first, you’ll need to get your home ready to sell. And […]
Buying Don’t Get Blindsided by Closing Costs Have you ever decided to buy something, only to find out about additional costs at the end? The last thing you want is to be surprised by unexpected fees – especially at your closing.  You’ve made your financial calculations. Extra charges at the eleventh hour could make all your plans go bust.  But you can’t […]
Selling Do’s and Don’ts of Presale Home Repairs You’ve decided it’s time to sell your home. Your neighbor just sold for a pretty penny, but they also spent a lot on remodeling and renovations. Does that mean you need to upgrade your home to sell?  Is it worth trying to sell as is? Or will your home be passed up and stuck on […]
Selling Make Buyers Feel at Home and Sell Faster There’s never been a better time to sell a home. Millennials are ready for homeownership and renters are seeing consistent rent increases. This means more buyers than ever are on the market for a home like yours.  Home equity is also at all-time highs, which makes now the perfect time to sell and get more […]
Buying Preparing for the Spring Housing Market We’re approaching spring, which means the housing market is getting ramped up.  Experts agree that the market is softening for buyers, but will it be a full-on buyer’s market? Definitely not — at least, not by springtime.  This spring, buyers will likely see fewer bidding wars, slower price growth and less competition. But sellers will […]
Buying 21 Things A Real Estate Agent Should Do For You Just like in any other profession, there are good real estate agents … and there are, unfortunately, subpar real estate agents, too. But how do you know if you’ve got a dreamboat or a dud handling your real estate transaction? One way to know whether you’ve got a good agent (or not) is to consider […]
Selling Top 15 Reasons For Sale By Owners Listings Fail In a seller’s market, it’s easy for a lot of sellers to reach the conclusion that they don’t actually need a real estate agent to offload their homes. After all, there are buyers everywhere, and home prices are skyrocketing; how hard can it really be to just do it yourself and save some money on […]