SellingThe Real Estate Business September 4, 2018

How To Market A Luxury Home In Indianapolis

Due to the limited quantity of both luxury homes and prospective luxury home buyers, marketing a luxury home in Hamilton County can be a challenge. Unlike marketing traditional homes, a luxury home requires that you target a very small, specific section of the home-buying population. Here are some tips and tricks for helping you do just that:


Many sellers list their luxury homes in multiple listing service (MLS) databases, in national media listings, and in other very public spaces. However, marketing your luxury home in a private network first can help you attract only the most qualified of buyers. A local luxury real estate pro could help you tap into the most valuable markets and strategies for selling your home.

One idea for building such a network could be to host an event with your real estate agent so your affluent Hamilton County friends and community members can get familiar with the property. Should you decide to take the “stealth” approach to marketing your home, attending country club benefits and charity auctions could also help you build connections with potential buyers and spread the word subtly.


Even with all of its amazing amenities, a luxury home can still fail to resonate with prospective buyers if it doesn’t have the proper staging and presentation. Curb appeal is essential, so make sure to get your landscaping in order before any prospects come to visit.

The interior of your home should not only be neat and tidy, but your furniture should be strategically arranged to optimize flow and highlight architectural features. If any furniture is damaged or out-of-date, consider renting new, modern furniture for when prospective buyers come to visit. Your trusted local agent can also be a great resource for helping you get everything in order and connecting you with any other professional Indianapolis stagers they recommend.


If you really want to see your Indianapolis luxury home move fast, think about including something of value to sweeten the deal. While you probably won’t be willing to throw in a shiny new sports car, adjusting your home sale to include things like artwork, high-end furniture/appliances, or other desirable items could provide the leverage you need for motivating a prospective buyer.

See these other selling tips for Indianapolis real estate, but don’t forget to contact a local realty pro to help you get started off with only the strongest marketing strategy for your luxury home!