Home Maintenance TipsSelling April 29, 2017

Adding Value To Your Home

Are you selling your home and looking for a way to add value to your home? You can’t live in your home for 15 years, place it on the market and expect premium dollar without replacing your carpet! So start with replacing your carpet.

I was at a new construction home the other day and one of the reasons people buy a new construction home is just so they do not have to worry about toe nail clippings in pre-existing carpet. My recommendation to people who are selling their homes is to REPLACE your carpet and buy a nice pad! When you ask potential buyers to take off their shoes and walk through your home, you want to make sure you have carpet they feel comfortable stepping on! Even if you don’t buy top of the line carpet, please buy a good pad.

4 years ago my husband and I started paying cash for everything and it was HARD! Yet, don’t go out to dinner, don’t buy that extra fancy bottle of wine (unless you have set aside the money), and set aside the cash to invest in those things that can ultimately bring you a return in your investment. You can’t improve your  home all at once. So, I recommend a project a year. I reach out to contractors and I tell them we have started to pay cash for everything so I need a price for a remodel. Then, I can save up for the remodel and pay them. Yet, I need to know the exact cost. If they can’t help me, I move on and find someone who can.

Last year we bought new carpet for our home. Our home was built in 2002 and the carpet was original. We investigated every option and ultimately decided to use Home Depot. They are a company that stands behind their product and they have done good work at multiple homes we have sold. You know you have a guarantee when you use a box store. Yes, I’m sure there can be horror stories. Yet, for us this seemed like the right option.

We used Trendy Threads II and we bought the premium pad. Go to home depot and price out what it would cost for your home. Save and upgrade your carpet prior to selling.

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