The Real Estate Business October 22, 2014

Realtor – A Full Time Job

Being a Realtor is a full time job.  It’s just not something someone can do in their spare time.  A Realtor who is committed to their work and their clients has to work beyond the nine to five.  So why is it so many people think being a Realtor can be part time?

After practicing law for a few years while holding my real estate license and selling homes on the side, I discovered that my work in real estate was much more rewarding and enjoyable.  I also found that I really couldn’t do both at the same time and excel at either.  It was then that I decided to stop practicing law and give 100% of my energy to real estate.  As a result, I serve my clients better and I know that I am up to date on all the ins and outs of my business.

Often, I will receive a call from a law school friend who is considering getting their real estate license and selling some homes on the side. When they ask my opinion, I ask them one question.  “What would you think if I wanted to practice law part time?”  It’s a pretty good question. Think about it.  Would you want your lawyer representing you on a potential $200,000 award to be running into court from their full time teaching job?

My initial question and their response usually leads to other questions such as, “Would you go to a doctor who is practicing as a second job?”, or “Would you invest $200,000 with a financial advisor who dabbles with stocks after working the day as a CPA?”

Most people would not risk the largest purchase or sale of their life on a part timer.  It just doesn’t make sense.

I manage millions of dollars in real estate transactions every year. Does that sound like something I could or should do in my spare time? You’re right, it’s not.

Being a Realtor is a full time job.